Manage Tasks

How to manage tasks in DataGym

The tasklist:

All tasks are listed in the project's detail page in the tasks tab. They can be filtered by their state, the image name or the assigned labeler. The list is by default limited to 200 rows. This limit can be changed or deactivated.
The tasks can be filtered by several properties.
To filter the tasks by the assigned labeler only the id can be used. Real names are not supported at the moment.

Tasks lifecycle:

Every task has a state. This state is displayed in the task list and some of them can be changed by the project admin.
Lifecycle of tasks
Every new task starts in the backlog. In this state no one can start processing them.
To allow a labeler to work on a task, move the task into the waiting state.
All open tasks that are ready to be processed stay in the waiting state. In this state, they are listed in the tasks overview.
Tasks in this state can be moved back to the BACKLOG, so no one can work on them.
If a labeler clicks the "Start labeling" button in the task overview, one task in the WAITING state is chosen and assigned to that labeler. The task's state is changed to IN PROGRESS. The labelers ID appears in the task list. The labeler can only process one task at the same time.
To indicate that the image is not valid, the labeler can skip the task in the workspace. The task's state is changed from IN PROGRESS to SKIPPED and the labeler can process another task.
If the label task is finished, the labeler can complete that task in the workspace. The tasks state is changed from IN PROGRESS to COMPLETED and the labeler can process another task.
If the label configuration is changed, every COMPLETED task is changed to the WAITING CHANGED state to indicate that this task was finished with an older configuration and needs a review.
These tasks have passed the optional review process and the original task was completed.
The task was successfully reviewed and the original task was skipped.

Change the State:

The project admin can change the tasks from BACKLOG state into WAITING state by using either the arrow sign in the state column or by using the "Move all tasks" button. This button loads a new pop-up window where the tasks can be selected via their dataset. Use the option "All" to select all tasks.
Move all (or only a view) tasks to the BACKLOG or to WAITING.


There are three different badges possible for every task.
Badges for pre-labeling and JSON upload
The light blue badges in the first row show that the image was pre-labeled successfully and that labels were imported via JSON upload. You can click the "i" icon on the top left for the legend or hover over the symbol for more information.
The red clipboard symbol in the second row shows that pre-labeling failed for this task. There were also no labels uploaded via JSON import for this task.
If the image was neither pre-labeled, nor were labels imported, no badges will be shown.