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Entry types

Which types there are and what defines them


The entry types are split into two categories: geometries for labels and form-elements for classifications. Currently there are 8 types of classification entries.


Geometries have optional color attribute. In addition geometries of the root level can also have a shortcut attribute. You may choose number-keys from 0-9 as shortcuts to speed up the labeling process.
Choose your shortcut
In addition there are 10 colors to choose from.
Choose your color
Shortcuts must be unique per label configuration.

Available geometries:

  • Polygon: Consists of at least 3 points, points can be added and moved after initial drawing
  • Bounding Box: The bounding box can be moved and resized after initial drawing
  • Line: Consists of at least 2 points, points can be moved
  • Point: A single point that can be moved
  • Image segmentation: Consists of at least 3 points, cannot be selected or moved after initial drawing but can interact with other segmentations.
In addition if you configured at least one Image segmentation ​
, will add an eraser to remove segments. You cannot choose this tool within the label configuration.


Classification-entries consist of a question and options for the chosen type of form. Classifications can be marked as required.
Required fields will prevent the user from getting the next task while labeling if not filled out.

Available classifications:

  • Checkbox: Has at least 1 answer option
  • Option: Has at least 2 answer options, only one may be selected
  • Textfield: Has a max length attribute (default is 256 characters)