The value-list is a list of already drawn geometries. To edit a geometry or its classifications click on it in the value-list or click on the geometry in the workspace.

A value can have one of 4 states, which are represented by different colors:

  • Active (purple)

  • Neutral (black)

  • Hidden (grey)

  • Error (red and an exclamation-mark icon)

Clicking on the "eye" icon will hide the geometry in the workspace. Click the icon again to show them.



An entry is active if you are currently editing its geometry or classifications.

If a classification is marked as required and not filled out its entry will be marked as having an error. You can not complete the current task until all entries are valid.

Hidden geometries still show the exclamation-mark if they have an error.


An entry in the value list has a comment symbol, if the corresponding geometry has a comment. Hovering over the comment symbol shows the comment. If the comment symbol is clicked, the edit comment context menu is displayed on the geometry.


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