Create a new project

How to create a new project

Create a new project is a simple process:

The Button "New project" is located on top of the project overview list. This button redirects the user to the route /projects/create.

First you can choose if you want to create a privat project with you as an owner or if you want an organization, of which you hold admin rights, as owner. If you don't have an organization, you can create one by clicking on the + symbol, which directs you to account management.

The requested data is described below.

The project owner:

  • Can be selected from all organisations where the logged in user has admin permissions. You can also create the project as a private project.

The project owner cannot be changed later.

The project name:

  • The project name must be unique within the organisation and cannot be chosen twice.

  • The name is limited to 255 characters.

The short description:

The short description is used to give a quick summary of the purpose of the project.

  • This text is limited to 128 characters.

The description:

This optional form can be used to write down the main purpose of the project. It is displayed in the home tab of the project page. The limit is set to 1024 characters.

The number of projects is limited by the subscription plan.

If all fields are valid the button "Create Project" is enabled and can be used to save the data. On success, the user is redirected to the project's overview page.

There is no API support to create a project automatically.

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