Synchronize with AWS S3

How to synchronize with AWS S3

External image are not downloaded from

If a AWS S3 bucket is configured and connected you can also use the images from there.

The usage of AWS S3 may be limited by your subscription plan. does not recognise any changes made within that bucket. To synchronise the bucket and the dataset just use the related button.

All synchronised images are listed within the result modal sorted by their state. The states are "added", "deleted" and "failed". Just toggle them to see all related images.

If something went wrong, an error dialogue is displayed with the error message received from AWS S3.

The uploaded images appear in the images list with the image type "AWS_S3".

There are also errors with external images that can occur at a later time. For example, when a linked image is not available anymore because it was deleted from your server. will detect these kind of errors, when you or your team members try to annotate or view these images in the label mode.

If an image is not reachable anymore or has an invalid data format, the corresponding task will be skipped. The specific image will be marked as invalid in your dataset's image list. Please occasionally check your image list to verify that all your images are valid.

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