Video labeling

Within the TEAM PRO subscription, you get access to our video labeling functionality.

Requirements: To label a video you first need to set up your video- dataset and project.


Video control bar

The video labeling workspace comes with a new video control bar.

  • Vertical bar: A vertical bar is representing a single frame

  • Geometry line: Each horizontal line is representing a geometry. The colour is the same as you specified in your label configuration.

  • Keyframe: A diamond is representing a single keyframe.

  • Current frame: The centre of the video control bar displays the current frame and is highlighted in purple.

  • Slider: The slider on the bottom shows the current video position. You can also grab the button to change the position


A keyframe marks a positional change on your timeline connected to a specific frame. It is automatically created as soon as you change the position of a geometry. Please note that classification changes are not marked as a keyframe.

Delete a keyframe

You can delete a keyframe by using the context menu (right-click the keyframe) and click "Delete keyframe".

Creating a gap (object covered)

You may want to create gaps if an object is disappearing over several frames. To create a gap, you have to create a keyframe between the desired start- and endpoint of the gap. Then you need to go to the starting point and delete the geometry - the gap is created.

Video specific settings

Default playback speed

To assist your labeling process, the default playback speed is set to 0.25x. This will help you to check your drawn geometries when the video is played.


By default rectangles between two keyframes will be interpolated by default. This means, that the position and size of the rectangle will be automatically calculated/adapted. Please note that interpolations are only visual and will not be reflected in your json export. Other geometry types that rectangles (e.g. polygons, points, lines) are not supported yet.

Video specific shortcuts:

Besides the classic workspace shortcuts, you also have video-specific shortcuts for a faster labeling process.




Play / Pause


Jump to previous frame


Jump to next frame


Jump 10 frames backwards


Jump 10 frames forward


Speed up the video


Slow down the video

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