Manage API Token

How to manage API token in

Visit the administration page about the API token to create and delete tokens. The used route is /api-tokens.

All available tokens are listed there. Use the button "New API Token" to create a token.

Create tokens

The secret is created by

The API-Support may be limited by the subscription plan.

The following attributes are required:

The token owner:

  • Can be either created for youself by selecting Private, or you can select Organisation, where you can select all organisations of which you have admin permissions. If you don't have any organization you can create one by clicking on the + symbol.

The token name:

  • The token name can be used to describe the token usage.

  • This attribute cannot be used twice within one organisation.

Name restrictions:

  • lower case only

  • between 1 and 30 characters

  • may include 0 - 9, _, ., -

API Tokens cannot be changed later.

View the secret

By default the api secrets used to connect third party software with DataGym are hidden behind some stars. To see the secret point with the mouse on the text. The plain value will be displayed and can be copied from there.

Delete tokens

To delete a single api token, use the trash icon in the token list. This must be confirmed in a pop-up window.

Deleted secrets cannot be restored later.

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