AI-assisted labeling

How AI-assisted labeling can speed up your work.


Use AI-assisted labeling for entries configured with polygons.

Before using the AI-assisted labeling, select the tool to use. There are four different ways to use this feature.




Place a rectangle around the object that should be labeled by the AI.

This option is pre-selected and used by default.

Paint fill

Use the brush to fill out the area of interest. Our AI detects the object to label.


This awesome tool lets you label an object with just one click. Place the mouse within the object of interest and let the AI do your work. Just as easy as that.


Select some positive and negative points around the object and press ENTER. Enjoy.

The icon for AI-assisted labeling becomes only available while drawing a polygon. It is also available if a polygon is selected. In that case, the response of the AI would replace the selected polygon. In an error case, the selected polygon is restored.

Rectangle Tool:

Draw a rectangle around the object just like it was an entry defined as rectangle. The AI detects the object and creates the polygon for you. See it here in action:

Paint fill:

Just fill out the object with the brush. Use the mouse wheel to resize the brush and hit ENTER to stop drawing. A right mouse click works also.


Just click into the object:

And enjoy the result:


If one point (click) is not enough, just use some more to define the object to be labeled:

Use the left mouse button to draw points within the object and the right mouse button to define some points outside. With a double click a single point can be removed.

Refine prediction:

Wait until the AI has finished calculating. You can refine the created polygon if you choose to do so afterwards. Use the context menu entry "Refine prediction" to start the Points tool to define some additional positive points within the object or some negative points outside of the object. Press ENTER to let the AI refine the prediction.

Of course, you can also edit the polygon detected by the AI like any other existing polygon without using the AI a second time.

The usage of AI-assisted labeling may be limited by your subscription plan.

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