Use the review mode

How to enable reviews and add some reviewer.

A powerful feature from is the review process that helps you to raise the quality of your labeled data. You can activate this inside the project's settings page below the connected datasets.

Add an reviewer

The section "Connected reviewers" shows a list of all connected reviewers. A button to connect a new reviewer is located at the bottom of the table.

To remove the connection the trash icon in each row can be used. This action must be confirmed in a pop-up window.

More power for reviewers

A reviewer has the same capabilities as a labeler, but he can also review other labelers' work.

Within the task overview page, a second button appears when some tasks are completed and are waiting for a review.

Within the label mode, the usual task control panel is replaced with the reviewer control where you can leave a comment for the labeler and accept or deny the labeled task.

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