Manage your organisations for collaborative working.


The Organisation-Management allows you to add new organisations to your account and to invite other people to work on your Projects. You can find the Organisation-Management in our account-management portal. Therefore, navigate to the Account-Settings page in DATAGYM and click on the Account-Management button.

Manage Organisations

Create a new Organisation

Navigate to the Organisations menu entry to create a new organisation.

Edit Organisations

Select the organisation you want to edit and open the "Organisation" tab. Edit the data (name, email, etc.) of your organisations via the form and submit your changes.


DATAGYM supports collaborative working on labeling projects. To allow collaborative working go to the "User-Management" tab and invite new users to your organisation. Select a Role for new users to give them either USER or ADMIN permissions in your organisation and assign DATAGYM as app. Users with ADMIN permissions can manage the Projects of the organisation whereas team members with USER permissions can only work on the labeling Tasks.

Collaborative working is not supported in the Developer (free) plan. Upgrade your subscription and invite your team members to label your images even faster!


In the "Payment" tab you can set your billing address and Payment method.


The "Subscriptions" tab displays your current subscription plans for all eForce21 products. Just select another subscription for DATAGYM to Up- or Downgrade your current plan.

Below the selection area you can get an overview of the estimated costs for your new plan. Confirm your new plan by clicking on the "Update plan" button.

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